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Crop Circles 2018

Crop Circles of 2018: As yet there have been no circles reported in the UK this year. The first circle reported last year (2017) was on April 16th, but in 2016 the first circle did not appear until May 6th. Read More...

Crop Circle Conference 2018

Conference: Summer Lectures 2018 Bookings are now open for our Conference 2018. Our downloadable brochure is now available! Our dates are the 3rd, 4th & 5th of August – Bear Hotel in Devizes. Read...

New: Books by Robin Heath

Books by Robin Heath We now have a selection of Books by Robin Heath, an internationally published author on the subject of ancient science… Read...

What are Crop Circles?

Crop Circles are geometric patterns that appear mysteriously in crop fields. Read more

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About Temporary Temples

Steve Alexander has been photographing the crop circles for twenty years. During that time he and Karen have provided an important service to the crop circle world by supplying professional quality photographic imagery of the circles to researchers, the media and the general public. Since 1999 they have produced an annual Year Book showcasing the very best formations of each year along with a written commentary researched by Karen Alexander. The Crop Circle Year Book books are beautifully produced and they contain some of the best crop circle photography you will find anywhere. You can read more about Steve and Karen here.

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