Donations to our work

Please Support Our Work: There are many ways you can actively support us in our work. If you can, please consider making a donation to our work. All our flights are self financed and we could not continue our work without the generous support of customers and donors. You can make a donation from as little as £5.00 and you can choose between adding a donation amount to your basket or you can use ‘PayPal Donate’ by pressing the Donate button below. Some of our regular donors set up a regular donation as a subscription to us. If you’d like to do that please press the ‘Subscribe’ button below and choose from the options. We’d like to thank everyone who donates to our flights – we couldn’t do it without you!

Current Projects: As of early 2024 we are raising funds to photograph the crop circles this summer. We are also in the process of mailing out all orders of the 2021 crop circle yearbook. We are about to start to plan and put together the crop circle yearbook 2022. We will notify people when it is ready to order. Donations go towards the printing of the yearbooks. The cost of printing has skyrocketed so all donations are important. The running of our website is also supported by donations. Thank you to everyone who donates to this really important cause!

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