image2Visiting the Circles

The crop circles are an invitation to participate in their spaces and their shapes are often designed with the visitor in mind. The hospitality portal (spaces in between elements of the geometry) allow for those visiting to do so without flattening (or further damaging) the standing wheat and many have a labyrinthine quality which invites a ritual walk to the centre.

It is not quite as easy as it once was to visit the circles in the UK. Some farmers are adverse to visitors, but not all. With a little careful planning, a lot of mindfulness and attentive respect for farmers, the sacred landscape and countryside etiquette, it is possible to still have a wonderful, transformative time in some of the circles. Be creative with your visit there are plenty of ways to visit from personal pilgrimage to tour groups and there are a number of crop circle related events each summer that you can combine with your visit to make it informative and well as fulfilling.

If you are a tour operator planning a tour that includes crop circles as part of your itinerary you can display information about your event here for free. Please email us with your details. 


visitorsguideCrop Circle Visiting Etiquette

Please look through the categories below before venturing out to see the crop circles. Please be as considerate as you can when visiting the countryside and the crop circles. Better still please download the and print PDF file: A guide to Visiting Crop Circles. This is essential reading for all those venturing out into the fields.



The Temporary Temples Crop Circle Conference & Events 

Please see our Events Page for the very latest information. We have a series of online courses, workshops and our annual conference scheduled and you can also access our video archive from our previous events!

Flying Over the Crop Circles

Flying over the crop circles can be an awe-inspiring experience – they were meant to be seen from the air! The are several ultra-light companies in Wiltshire that will take you for a short flight over the latest circles. 




A very quick guide…

  • Do not enter a field without permission from the farmer. Some farmers allow visitors, some do not. Those that do tend to place an honesty box either at the entrance to the field, or in the circle itself. Please contribute, the customary donation is £3.00 – £5.00 per person (more is always welcome). This helps build and maintain understanding between the crop circle world and the farming community, by helping the farmer recover his costs for damaged crop. If you are asked to leave a formation by a member of the farming staff do so, quickly and politely.
  • Never, ever, smoke cigarettes (or anything else!) in a crop field. They constitute a very dangerous fire hazard.
  • Never leave any litter or objects of any kind inside the circles, they may cause a hazard to farming machinery during harvest, or crop spraying, and could be potential danger to wildlife. This includes crystals or other offerings.
  • Do not trample down any standing crop when making you way into the fields or around the circles. Always follow the tractor lines, even if this means walking out of the field and in again if you pick the wrong route into the circle! Further damage to crop by visitors irritates the farmers enormously and spoils the aerial views of the circles for those flying over them.
  • If you park your car nearby, do not park in farm or field entrances where you may cause a nuisance to farmers. And never leave anything on display in your car that might attract the attention of thieves. Lock everything away securely, better still, take only what you need to carry with you in person.