JWSOrganised Tours

There can be no substitute for a first-hand visit to the crop circles. Experiencing their enigmatic spaces and spending time in England’s beautiful countryside can be a hugely rewarding and sometimes a life changing experience. Each year many people make the pilgrimage to the UK to see the circles for themselves. If you can make the trip you won’t be disappointed!

By far the easiest and most convenient way to see the crop circles is to join an organised tour.  Most tours meet you from the airport (you can join a tour even if you are already resident in the UK). A tour will usually arrange your accommodation, and have your itinerary all planned. They can also be a great way to meet other people with similar interests. Guides often have great expertise and can be an immediate and accessible fountain of knowledge and experience.

However, you can with a little planning and forethought arrange a trip yourself. Find a good central place to stay and be armed with a hire car and a good map – you’ll soon be embarking on your own magical adventure.


Each year we are contacted by a great number of people looking for crop circle tours – or contact details for those who might be willing to act as a guide.

Are you running a Crop Circle tour to the UK this summer, or do you offer yourself as a guide for day tours? If so you can advertise your tour on this page for free. Please email us for details.