image2Important Practicalities

Physical Fitness: Getting into the crop circles can often involve a lengthly and sustained walk, often on uneven ground – up hill and down dale! So, please consider this carefully if you are not in tip-top heath.

Equipment you will need to bring: You will need a good pair of walking shoes. You may also need to prepared for the British weather! A light waterproof jacket would be useful in case of rain, conversely, if the weather is set hot and fair bring a sun hat and sun lotion, there is no shade in the middle of a crop field! An umbrella for rain protection, or used as a sun shade might be handy.

Camera Equipment: Cameras and video-cameras are a great way to record your crop circle experiences. However, remember you will have to carry your equipment. Bear in mind that you should be able to carry whatever you bring comfortably – don’t overload! You never know, you may capture some light phenomena on film whilst out in the circles!

Other Practicalities: It might seem obvious, but there are no public toilets out in the middle of the English countryside, so please plan accordingly. Get to know where the nearest public toilets are, or failing that, find the nearest pub!



Why not combine your trip with other crop circle related activities?

Why not combine your trip with other crop circle activities? Our own Crop Circle Conference takes place at the beginning of August and is held in the pretty market town of Devizes, close to many regular crop circle sites, ancient earthworks and stone monuments. Come and meet some like-minded people and hear the latest news about the phenomenon. See our Visiting the Crop Circles page for more information on the different ways in which you can make your trip to visit the circles richer and more interesting.

Because of the global covid-19 pandemic our 2020 conference will be held online during September and October. Please see our Events Page for more information.