Meditations on the Crop Circles by Karen Alexander

NEW: U.K. Crop Circle Season 2024 Begins!

First Circle of 2024 Reported. Our annual summer chase through the fields is afoot! The first U.K. crop circle of 2024 has been reported, close to Wilton Windmill in Wiltshire. We will post pictures and details as soon as we have them! Read More  

Engaging the Crop Circle Phenomenon Seminar

Bookings Open! This brand new event was born from our Engaging the Crop Circle Phenomenon series of lectures. This Seminar will be a collaborative event in which we dive deeply into the communicative aspects of the crop circle phenomenon. We aim to better recognise...

Next Crop Circle Explorers Online Course – Jan 2024

Bookings Open! Crop Circle Explorers are series of  4-part online courses designed and presented by Geoff Fitzpatrick and Karen Alexander that aims to dive deeply into the crop circles and some of the related phenomena that surround them. With a focus upon the...

Online Conference 2023

Video Recordings Now Available. The entirety of our 2023 conference can now be bought at a discount price of just £45.00. Read More  

Crop Circles 2023 | Season has begun!

First Circle of 2023 reported. The first crop circle of 2023 has been reported at Broad Hinton in Wiltshire, UK. Bookmark our newly created 2023 circles page for updates, coming soon! Read More