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When to Travel? Getting to Wiltshire?

For experienced travellers, planning a trip to the UK is not particularly difficult. Read on for some general pointers. However, please read the other pages in this section for more detailed advice about travelling to the UK to see the circles. Make sure you know what to bring with you and what you need to consider. At the bottom of this page is a link to our Organised Tour page which may interest less experienced or single travellers.

General Timing: The English crop circle season starts, tentatively, in May though occasionally a formation has been known to arrive as early as April. In these months the formations are few. The major events happen in late July and early August. By far the best time to visit is last weekend in July/first weekend in August.

It has been our experience that visitors do not give themselves enough time. We would suggest that you should allow at least one week in the area. If you also wish to visit, say, London, at least three extra days should be allowed.

Transport: Obvious as it may seem, we must remind you that the crop circles appear in fields in the countryside. There is little public transport and you will need a car to visit the circles and move around generally. There are vehicles for hire at airports on arrival in England or, more economically, from Devizes.

Arriving from Heathrow airport: From the airport get onto the M4 motorway westbound towards Cardiff, Wales. Exit at Junction 15 towards Marlborough. Marlborough is within the crop circle area and is about 20 miles from Devizes.

Arriving from Gatwick: From the airport take the M20 motorway northbound towards London. You will shortly hit the M25 London Orbital which you should take westbound towards Heathrow airport. The M25 will (near Heathrow) connect with the M4. Continue as described above from Heathrow.

Where to Stay?

The Towns of Marlborough or Devizes make good accommodation bases with easy access to general facilities. However there are many picturesque villages in and around the Pewsey Vale and many have have pretty bed and breakfast accommodations or self-catering cottages for hire. There is also hotel/public house accommodation available in the area. There are also several particularly scenic campsites in the area for those who like to camp. Detailed accommodation information can be obtained via this website –

Interested in an Organised Tour?

If you are planning to travel alone, or you are an inexperienced traveller, you may find an organised tour more appealing. Planning a trip like this can seen daunting, but there are some excellent organised tours to the UK!

Visit our Organised Tour Page


The Temporary Temples Crop Circle Conferences & Events 

Please see our Events Page for the very latest information.

Each year we run a number of crop circle related events – both live events and online events.