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For over ten years we have hosted one major crop circle event each year the Temporary Temples Crop Circle Conference, an annual conference in Devizes, UK. We do offer some addition events including online Webinars – check this page for the events we are currently offering. 

Latest: During the global pandemic we will be offering some online workshops to enable people to stay connected from the comfort and safety of their own home. Please bookmark this page and check back for our latest offerings and join our newsletter for updates. 

Next Course: Sunday: 14th|21st|28th Nov & 5th Dec 2021

Crop Circle Explorers is a 4-part workshop in which we dive-deeply in to just one crop circle. With a focus upon the experiential, we will be combining drawing, geometry, art and the psyche to create a unique view of each formation we explore.

Video recordings available from just £10

Our annual online crop circle conference!

Next Course: New Year 2022

Our Synchronicity School provides half-day (4hour) workshops designed and presented by Geoff Fitzpatrick and Karen Alexander that aims to dive deeply into the phenomenon of synchronicity.

Video recordings available from £10

Our annual Conference is an event where the crop circles are not only enjoyed and celebrated, but where people can come and join in the conversation and share their experiences.

August 2022

Exploring: Crop Circles, Consciousness, Synchronicity, Dreams & Psyche. 3-Day/2-Night Experiential Workshop. Hosted by Karen Alexander & Dr Jonathan-Paul DeVierville

To be announced.

A series of three 2-hour online workshops hosted by Karen Alexander exploring crop circles, geometry, symbolism & most importantly their vital role in consciousness change. Each workshop is filled with gorgeous photography, drawings and first-hand research. Fully updated with new materials.

Next date to be announced

This is a 2-hour online webinar hosted by Karen Alexander exploring the crop circle phenomenon. This webinar will look at the history and development of the crop circle subject, its multivalent and multilayered aspects from scientific research, to light phenomena and links with human consciousness. Filled with gorgeous photography spanning almost 30 years, drawings and first-hand information, this will be a fantastic way to begin or to deepen your interest in the crop circle phenomenon.