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For over ten years we have hosted one major crop circle event each year the Temporary Temples Crop Circle Conference, an annual conference in Devizes, UK. We do offer some addition events including online Webinars – check this page for the events we are currently offering. 

Sunday 10th of November

This is a 2-hour online webinar hosted by Karen Alexander exploring the crop circles of the 2019 season. This two hour presentation will look at the formations that have occurred during 2019, their symbolism, geometry and narrative. Filled with gorgeous photography, drawings and first-hand information, this will be the next best thing to being in the fields yourself this year!

Friday July 31st - Sunday 2nd Aug 2020

Our annual Conference is an event where the crop circles are not only enjoyed and celebrated, but where people can come and join in the conversation and share their experiences. Stretching over three days, our conference offers both lectures and workshops – we are the only crop circle event of this kind anywhere!

To be announced.

A series of three 2-hour online workshops hosted by Karen Alexander exploring crop circles, geometry, symbolism & most importantly their vital role in consciousness change. Each workshop is filled with gorgeous photography, drawings and first-hand research, plus we supply a PDF copy of each presentation for note taking and reference.