Apps and Maps


As most mobile/cell phones come with a mapping app as standard (Google/Apple Maps), the physical map has become somewhat a thing of the past. These mapping apps can be used as sat-nav devices with voice instructions as you drive. 

For those with an aversion to sat-nav, the AA has a good online website and app. You can plan your routes easily and print out your map before setting off. For more detailed information, the UK Ordinance Survey has a great mapping app and for a small monthly subscription you can access their most detailed maps, equivalent to the Explorer Maps mentioned below. These maps are a great for looking at Britains sacred sites and other topographical information that you won’t find on any other digital maps. I wouldn’t be without mine! One tip we can offer is that because cell phone coverage in rural areas can be sketchy, you can print out your maps beforehand in case you hit a dead zone. 


Because  mobile phone coverage can be a bit sketchy in rural areas, having a back-up paper map might actually still be useful. 

If you are new to the UK a general UK road map will be essential. Then you will need a more detailed map for locating the circles themselves. We recommend an Ordinance Survey map – see below for details.

An AA (Automobile Association) or RAC (Royal Automobile Club) UK road maps are both very good general maps for navigating main roads in the UK. Ordinance Survey Landranger or Explorer maps are excellent for navigating small countryside roads searching for crop circles. These maps are available online or from the links below. The AA and RAC maps should be available at airports, petrol stations and bookshops. The Ordinance Survey maps are available from all good book shops or tourist information centres in the UK. 
OS Landranger Map Sheet 173 Swindon & Devizes: Marlborough & Trowbridge.
OS Explorer – Active Map Sheet 157 Marlborough & Savernake Forest: Avebury & Devizes.

Caution: Many shops, businesses and petrol stations have limited opening hours in the UK. Most shops close at 5.30pm each day (sometimes earlier), many do not open on Sundays at all.

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