Hackpen Hill 2013 Giclée Print


Giclée Print (for framing)
By Karen Alexander

30 x 30 inches (image size 20 x 20)

Hackpen Hill, nr. Avebury, Wiltshire, UK. 5th July 2013. Wheat. 180ft. Approx.

This top quality reproduction print is taken from an original artwork by Karen Alexander. The original painting was hand drawn with compass and straight-edge and finished with drawing ink and watercolour paint.

Important: This print is reproduced upon request. Please expect to wait a little longer for this item.





Giclée prints: are very high resolution ink jet prints printed onto thick cotton watercolour paper. They capture every nuance of the original works. Each print comes hand rolled in a sturdy tube.

Important – Please Read: This painting was drawn directly from this crop circle as it appeared in the field – and from no other source. We do not own or claim the copyright for the design itself, only this specific painted version shown on the website. For more information about copyright see the About Our Website section of the website.

Note: this listing is for the print only – the gallery photo showing the framed print is simply to give you an idea of how striking the prints look when mounted and framed.

Many people create artistic reproductions of the crop circles; some as paintings, some as sculpture, others as jewellery, even as quilts! Karen Alexander is but one in a long line of artists that use the circles as inspiration for their own works.  Karen’s  paintings are created as part her exploration of the number, geometry and symbolism of the crop circles; an educational process, the results of which are freely shared on this website. 

The print measures 30 x 30 centimetres (the image itself measures 20 x 20 centimetres). Each print is individually signed.

Hackpen Hill, Wilts, UK 2013: The Hackpen Hill formation of 15th July 2013 was quickly named ‘The Dream-Catcher’ because of its similarity to the familiar Native American charm that was traditionally given to infants to ward away nightmares. This dream-catcher has a lovely eight-fold geometry. Eight is the number of ‘periodical renewal’ or the number of ‘resonance’ it sounds the octave after the 7 notes of the musical scale. The symbolism of the dream-catcher conjures thoughts of the consciousness connection between the crop circles and those that interact with them. This formation also carries the classic quintuplet in its design. 

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Dimensions 30 × 9 × 9 cm


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