Crop Circle Year Books

A very special series of books
The Crop Circle Year Books are carefully considered, beautifully designed books. Filled with stunning photography, including many full-page landscape views of the crop circles along with overheads and detail shots by Steve Alexander. The photographs are accompanied by articles and drawings from Karen Alexander, with incisive commentary text throughout. Our Year Books are self-printed in small numbers and come to you directly from the authors. Click on each book for more information and to see sample pages and photos.

Collectors Editions
We have now published 23 books in this series and some of our editions are now sadly out of print. Secondhand copies can sell for up to £180.00 each on the internet. Occasionally we do have secondhand copies for sale here and offer them to those wishing to complete their collections. Please check the page for the book you are interested in to see what we have in stock. You can also contact us to help you source copies of any books we don’t currently have. All monies raised go to funding our continuing work.

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