2010 Crop Circles

Crop Circles photographed in 2010

Welcome to the 2010 Image Gallery

2010 was a year in which the dimensions of the crop circles began to change. We had seen one point projection emerge in 2006/2007, but in 2010 the crop circles began to talk of dimensions beyond the third. The year began with a spectacular formation in oilseed rape (canola) at Stonehenge, it was followed by a maze-like circle containing the mathematical equation known as Euler’s Identity; reportedly the most beautiful in mathematics! June saw the incredible snowflake at White Sheet Hill, then July brought the stunning Cley Hill cubed cross. For the first time this formation used a third type of crop lay to create its pattern, it added a kind of pixelated pattern to the standard flattened or standing – perhaps signifying the first move toward higher dimensional geometry. The huge cube at Danbury Ring hill fort was another stunner of the 2010 season and toward the end of the summer we got our first fully fourth dimensional image, a hypercube (4th dimension cube) at Fosbury Camp.

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