2001 Crop Circles

Crop Circles photographed in 2001

Welcome to the 2001 Image Gallery

2001 was a pivotal year for the crop circles. It is best known for two particular crop circles, the first being the world famous ‘Milk Hill Galaxy Spiral’, the second being the ‘Face and Message’ formation that appeared at Chilbolton Radio Telescope in Hampshire. The Milk Hill Galaxy Spiral was a huge spiral with 6 connecting arms, made from 409 individual circles! It measured a whopping 1000ft (approx.) in diameter. It is the largest geometrically complex formation of all time. The ‘Face and Message’ at Chilbolton Radio Telescope, was of an entirely different order. The Face was composed using standing ‘dots’ of wheat of different size, like dot matrix news print. The face itself is entirely enigmatic, although recognisable as a humanoid face. The accompanying ‘Message’ was without question based on the famous message sent out into the cosmos from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico. This crop circle message was laid out in the same way as the original message, but with subtle changes, showing details of a different kind of entity from a different location in the cosmos! As you can see from this gallery, there were many other crop circle wonders in 2001 two of our favourites include the ‘Angel’ at Great Shelford in Oxfordshire and the triangular ‘curves of pursuit’ at Berwick Bassett. For this new website we have gone back through our archive, and painstakingly scanned and cleaned up many of our images to share with you for the first time – we hope you enjoy them!

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NOTE: Some of the images in this gallery are beautiful landscape scenes. Click on each image to enlarge them and see the whole picture.