2009 Crop Circles

Crop Circles photographed in 2009

Welcome to the 2009 Image Gallery

2009 was one of the most prolific crop circle years on record. It was not just that it was most prolific, but also that the size and complexity of the formations that did appear was utterly breathtaking. The season started in mid April with many formations in Oilseed Rape, one of which (at Clatford in Wilts) measured some 900ft in length! There were some iconic formations that year; the Jelly Fish at Wayland’s Smithy, The Dragonfly at Yatesbury, The Phoenix (again at Yaresbury) was one of the most complex formations to occur in barley. The Mayan Headdress at Silbury Hill is one of the most amazing c rop circles of all time. The Thunderbird at Barbury Castlewas another favourite. The bird and script at Alton Priors measured some 800ft in length, while the enigmatic formation of 30th June measures 900ft! There was a Nazca Bird at Stanton St. Bernard, a gigantic galaxy spiral at Martinsell Hill and the season finished off with yet three more show stoppers one at Smeathe’s Plantation ( a native feather design), the incredibly complex box at Morgan’s Hill and finally at Woodborough Hill an incredible owl with ninety-nine feathers woven into the laid crop!

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