1996 Crop Circles

Crop Circles photographed in 1996

Welcome to the 1996 Image Gallery

1996 was a major year for the crop circles, with several seminal formations occurring that summer. Perhaps the most famous circle of the summer appeared close to Stonehenge and was in the shape of a ‘Julia Set’ fractal. 151 circles along a 915ft spiral astonished the world and was reputedly visited by tens of thousands of curious people from all over the globe. A similar three armed spiral then occurred at Windmill Hill, near Avebury stone circle and was named the ‘Triple Julia’  – although its three arms were not true Julia fractals. Nevertheless, it was so huge when visiting it to take pictures on the ground we ran into a visitor on a bicycle – which you can see in one of the pictures! Other highlights included the ‘DNA’ at Alton Barnes famed for its beautifully laid barley, a Vesica Pisces at Ashbury and the ‘Celtic Brooch’ at Barton-Le-Clay in Bedfordshire. For this new website we have gone back through our archive, and painstakingly scanned and cleaned up many of our images to share with you for the first time – we hope you enjoy them! 

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NOTE: Some of the images in this gallery are beautiful landscape scenes. Click on each image to enlarge them and see the whole picture.