Yarnbury Castle L (20 x 30 Photo Print)


Large Photo Print for framing or display

20 x 30 inches (38 x 25 cm) Glossy Finish

Yarnbury Castle, Wiltshire, UK.
24th June 2018. Wheat. 180ft Approx.

These magnificent full-colour photo prints will make an absolutely stunning addition to any home, office or even gallery. They look great framed on any wall space.


About our Photographic Enlargements: Each 20 x 30 inch image is printed on glossy photographic paper and is supplied hand-rolled and posted in a strong cardboard tube or is flat-packed to ensure safe delivery. We have chosen a selection of our favourite crop circles from the 2018 season for you to choose from.

Yarnbury Castle 2018: 

Location: We have had circles at Yarnbury Castle before, in differing fields around the hillfort. Yarnbury Castle is a huge Iron-Age circular hillfort (it covers over 28 acres) and  is just a few miles west from Stonehenge. Unlike many other similar earthworks, Yarnbury Castle is on private land and cannot be visited by the public, so please do not wander onto the site. You can read more about Yarnbury Castle here.

Design & Symbolism: This design is based on six-fold geometry, a set of four standing petal-shapes sit within a hexagon, which in turn has six arms each with a small circle at the end. In the laid crop, one can also see two further flattened petal shapes and a small swirled circle at the centre – it definitely looks like a honey bee in a hexagonal honeycomb cell. The bee has been part of the canon of human symbolism for millennia, associated with community, industry and common goals. In Ancient Egypt, the bee was said to have been formed form the tears of Ra, the sun god, and is connected with divinity, the sun, warmth and light. It also has a long connection to royalty, with the bee being the symbol of the King of Lower Egypt itself. The produce of the bee was seen as sacred – honey, mead and royal jelly – it’s wax used for the creation light. Bees have also been used been associated with immortality and resurrection (regeneration) and were used in the insignia of the ancient Merovingian Kings. Freemasons also frequently use the hive and the bee as symbols of regeneration, wisdom, industry and obedience. Sadly in our modern world, the humble and noble bee is fast becoming endangered.


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