Gussage St Andrews 2014
One of the prints framed.Gussage St. Andrew 2014 | Pencil lineGussage St. Andrew 2014 | Colour and ink line addedGussage St. Andrew 2014 | Drawing ink going in working from the centre outwardsGussage St. Andrew 2014 | Painting complete!Gussage St. Andrews, Dorset | 13th August 2014 | Wheat | OH

Gussage St. Andrew 2014 Giclée Print


Giclée Print (for framing)
By Karen Alexander

30 x 30 centimetres (image size 20 x 20)

Gussage St. Andrews, nr. Six Penny Handley , Dorset, UK. 13th August 2014.

This quality reproduction print is taken from an original artwork by Karen Alexander. The original painting was hand drawn with compass and straight-edge and finished with drawing ink and watercolour paint.

Important: This print is reproduced upon request. Please expect to wait a little longer for this item.

Product Description

Giclée prints: are very high resolution ink jet prints printed onto thick cotton watercolour paper. They capture every nuance of the original works. Each print comes hand rolled in a sturdy tube. 

Note: this listing is for the print only – the gallery photo showing the framed print is simply to give you an idea of how striking the prints look when mounted and framed.

Karen Alexander is widely admired for her beautiful drawings and paintings of the crop circles, which encompass over twenty years experience of being involved first-hand in the subject. The original painting was hand drawn with compass and straight-edge and finished with drawing ink and watercolour paint. The print measures 30 x 30 centimetres (the image itself measures 20 x 20 centimetres). Each print is individually signed by the artist.

Gussage St. Andrews 2014: The crop circle at Gussage St. Andrews was reported on the 13th of August 2014. Clearly a sibling of the Ackling Dyke circle of the 29th of June, this formation however, employed six-fold geometry instead of five. Based on hexagonal forms two triangular shapes (but not equilateral triangles!) are inverted over one another to create a beautiful six-pointed star. Placed between each point of the star were six rods, each with an undulating line, very reminiscent of ‘The Staff of Asclepius’- an ancient hermetic symbol. The Staff of Asclepius has one serpent compared to the Caduceus of Mercury/Hermes which has two and it is in point of fact the Staff of Asclepius that is a symbol of healing, rather than the Caduceus which is a magical wand often used by some modern medical organisations. However the WHO does use a single serpent coiled around a rod. Six is the number of love, balance, harmony and best economy (think of the honeycomb made from many hexagons creating the most amount of storage space using the least amount of materials), it is the first of the so called ‘perfect numbers’  – numbers that are the sum of all their divisors. Healing, love, balance, prudence and perfection are all woven into the design of this formation making it a powerful magical sigil in the landscape.

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Dimensions 30 x 9 x 9 cm


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