Gussage St. Andrew, nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset

This spectacular formation was yet another to appear in the county of Dorset this year and looks related to the earlier formation at Ackling Dyke on the 29th of June. A stunning design incorporating, concentric circles, a hexagon, stylised hexagram and pathways both straight and winding. This looked like some huge magical or alchemical sigil in the landscape. One detail of note is that the central six-pointed star is not a classical hexagram (or Seal of Solomon). If you look closely the lines are not straight however, this only adds to the beauty of the overall design. Some have suggested that the pathways between each of the points of the stars are like the Caduceus (the legendary magical staff of Mercury or Hermes), but the Caduceus has two serpents intertwined around the staff, while this has only one. There is however a match for this in the guise of the staff of Asclepius. Whereas Hermes was a messenger of the Gods, Asclepius was a deity of healing and the medicinal arts. When medical organisations use the Caduceus, they misuse it, it is the staff of Asclepius that is connected with healing and medicine.

This formation measured approximately 200ft in diameter and was in a field of mature wheat. Whatever its meaning, it had a powerful effect on the mind. A magical sigil of healing? Heaven knows we need it!

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Who could resist having a go at drawing this lovely formation?! As mentioned above, a clear pointer is the fact that the six-pointed star is not a classical hexagram. Six triangles are built onto the sides of the central hexagon. Once that’s established, the whole thing clicks together beautifully. The images below take you through the stages of my drawing – enjoy!








This crop circle has been harvested

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