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Our Year Books are printed in small numbers and we don’t reprint them when they are sold out. This means that out of print editions become collectors items often selling for around £100+ each second-hand on the internet. Occasionally, we obtain secondhand copies of our out of print titles and we do then offer them for sale on this website to allow collectors to obtain copies they may not have. The prices reflect the scarcity of that particular title and all monies raised goes into funding our future work.

Paperback: 44 pages (excluding covers)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 30 x 21 cms approx. (A4)
ISBN 978-0-9560992-3-5

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About the Crop Circle Year Book 2011:

THE CROP CIRCLE YEAR BOOK 2011 is the thirteenth in a series of year books by Steve Alexander (photographer) and Karen Alexander (writer) portraying the beautiful and mysterious crop circle phenomenon within the UK. This popular series of full colour, fine-art-reproduction books are privately published in limited numbers and come to you directly from the authors, they have become an invaluable and magical window onto the fields of southern England, and are the only annually published books on the subject. Unlike the frenzy of the past few years, and almost in an act of defiance against all the certainty and expectation professed by the crop circle world, the 2011 crop circle season started slowly and irregularly. It was if the crop circle phenomenon was struggling to manifest itself fully, as small, simple and asymmetrical formations arrived in the heavily fecund fields of oilseed rape and barley. While this seemed to distress some, for the more seasoned crop circle watcher this was a fascinating phase. All certitude, established rules and presumptions were being torn up by a kind of quiet anarchy in which the crop circles themselves seemed quelled and suppressed. However, the crop circle phenomenon is nothing if not tenacious and by July, it seemed, that it was beginning to find a way to manifest itself more fully. Whatever the obstructions had been, the persistent march of the crop circles seemed to be winning their way through the temporarily occluded veil. The beautiful Trefoil under the White Horse in Alton Barnes signalled the beginning of a series of stunning formations that raced through to the end of the season. Amongst the highlights were a City of Pyramids that appeared close to Silbury Hill, a magnificent Rose Window at Temple Balsall, a Serotonin Flower at Roundway Hill and finally a stunning Penteract, or five-dimensional Hypercube, at Cherhill.

This book combines inspirational aerial photography with though provoking text to create a unique book full of the ambience mood and atmosphere of this amazing phenomenon.

About the Crop Circle Year Books:

The crop circle year books are carefully considered, beautifully designed books. Filled with stunning photography, including many full page landscape views of the crop circles along with overheads and detail shots – by Steve Alexander. The photography is accompanied by articles from Karen Alexander and incisive commentary text throughout. Our Year Books are our flagship product. Self published in small numbers (no big publisher or distributors), they come directly from us to you. Printed on satin finish paper, the materials used to produce these books are top quality. The covers are laminated with gold foil titles. Our books are true collectors items, treasured by all those who have them. In fact they are generally considered to be the most important crop circle document of the year. Proceeds from the sales of these books go directly to fund our continuing coverage of the circles.

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