Chasing Daylight: The Crop Circles of 2009


A film by: Steve Alexander, Rob Luckins & Karen Alexander
Running time – 90mins approx

Our much loved Crop Circle Films are a delight for the senses, combing uplifting, soaring soundtracks with beautiful crop circle footage shot from helicopter and on the ground. There is no narration and no opinions, the crop circles are allowed to speak for themselves! These films are the next best thing to taking a flight over the circles and their landscapes.

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Suitable for all viewers

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An exhilarating helicopter ride over the 2009 crop circles!

After the coldest UK winter for many years, the 2010 crop circle season started later than expected. Following the powerful and prolific summer of 2009, there was much anticipation as to what the 2010 crop circle season would bring. April came and went with no crop circles reported. There was some anxiety about whether the circles would return. Finally the circles reappeared with the first formation found close to Old Sarum hill fort in Wiltshire on May 5th.

The crop circle phenomenon has turned the creation of sacred space in our landscape into a magical art form; an art form which has inspired thousands all over the world. This film is a celebration of the crop circles and their ability to move the minds and spirits of so many.

If you are new to the crop circles, let this film be your starting point. With no commentary or narrative, this film is a visual feast of still and moving images set to music. There is nothing to block the crop circles message. No one telling you what the circles are, or telling you what to think. We allow the circles to speak for themselves, and allow the individual to interact with the circles in what ever way they choose. This film will take you on a helicopter tour of some of the best formations from this year – the next best thing to being there yourself! For the more experienced amongst you, this film is a great aid for contemplation and exploration of the formations, or for showing others just what is happening on the fields of Southern England this summer. Enjoy one of the most exiting things in life- the crop circle experience!

This is the seventh film from the Temporary Temples team, Steve Alexander, Rob Luckins, and Karen Alexander-who bring an ostensively artistic sensibility to their recording of the crop circle phenomenon.

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