The Crop Circles of 2008


A film by: Steve Alexander, Rob Luckins & Karen Alexander
Running time – 60 mins approx

Our much loved Crop Circle Films are a delight for the senses, combing uplifting, soaring soundtracks with beautiful crop circle footage shot from helicopter and on the ground. There is no narration and no opinions, the crop circles are allowed to speak for themselves! These films are the next best thing to taking a flight over the circles and their landscapes.

Format: DVDs available as both PAL & NTSC

Suitable for all viewers

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Our DVDs come in perspex boxes with printed covers. Our DVDs are multi-region DVDs and should play in any DVD player anywhere. However, please select PAL (EU and most of the world) or NTSC (USA and Canada) format for your country.

About The Crop Circles of 2008:

This is the 2008 new film from the Temporary Temple Productions team who bring an artistic sensibility to their reportage of the crop circle phenomenon. Stunning aerial helicopter footage, ground footage and stills woven together with an atmospheric soundtrack. There is no narrative or voice over, just a beautiful tapestry of images and sound. Be transported into the fields of Southern England, into and around the magnificent crop circles of 2008 – the next best thing to being there yourself! Better still buy the Companion Book – Crop Circle Year Book 2008 to read our about all the circles in the film!

“The fields of the Wiltshire countryside sit like a gigantic patchwork quilt elegantly draped over the many hills and vales that comprise this ancient landscape. Its many hues and textures, criss-crossed with blue satin ribbons of small streams and broader canals, are an unforgettable sight to anyone lucky enough to have flown over this beautiful place. During the sultry summer months, the enigmatic circle-makers embroider this velveteen coverlet with strange symbols, sometimes hundreds of feet in diameter. Each year thousands of visitors throng here to walk inside these gigantic temporary temples. Like some great cultural festival, some come to discover, some to contemplate, some just to gawk. They walk, talk, amble and ramble their way along by long-barrows, round-barrows and stone circles in search of new experiences and an elusive glimpse of something mysterious. Then slowly, the golden blanket of ripe wheat begins to disappear, to be replaced by the familiar corduroy stripes left behind by herds of grazing harvesters signalling that another year is over. This film takes you over and through the fields of 2008 to wonder at and ponder the magical crop circles we saw there…”

This is the seventh film from the Temporary Temples team, Steve Alexander, Rob Luckins, and Karen Alexander-who bring an ostensively artistic sensibility to their recording of the crop circle phenomenon.

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