Cley Hill 2017 | First step is to draw an inner circle to create the star tetrahedronsCley Hill 2017 | Circles which fit in the equilateral triangles are then used to extend the original circleCley Hill 2017 |the small circles sit where divide by 12 would sit, and fill the spaces between each of the six larger circles – arcs are then added which sit between each of the smaller circles.Cley Hill 2017 | Completed pencil like with extraneous lines removedCley Hill 2017 | Watercolour shading emphasises the 3D nature of the star tetrahedronsGEOM-CH2017-6Cley Hill 2017 | Ink lines begin to go in… and see first image for the completed painting.Cley Hill 2017 | Completed PaintingCley Hill, Wilts | 18th July 2017 | Wheat |OHWALLFEATURE

Original Crop Circle Painting – Cley Hill 2017


Original Artwork
By Karen Alexander


Now available as a (30 x 30cms) giclée print.

Ink and Watercolour on Cotton Paper
11 x 15 inches (approx)

Cley Hill, nr Warminster, Wiltshire, UK. 18.07.2017. Wheat.

This is an original painting and comes with all the artefacts and imperfections of original works. The original painting was hand drawn with compass and straight-edge and finished with drawing ink and watercolour paint.

Notes: Unlike the matt finish of watercolour paint, drawing ink has a slight sheen to it’s finish. This painting may have a paper watermark in the bottom righthand corner of the paper and may have tiny perforations in the paper where a compass has been used. These will not be visible when the painting has been framed.

Important: Please expect to wait a little longer for this item as we flat-pack the paintings to ensure they reach you in perfect condition and they can take extra time in transit because of their size. We also send these paintings via an insured  and signed for service  – as they cannot be replaced if they go missing. Part of the cost of this is included in the price of the painting itself, you will be charged a standard rate of postage at the checkout. 

Product Description


Important – Please Read:

‘Original Painting’ in this context means that this is a painting and not a printed copy. It was drawn and painted by hand and is a one of a kind. This painting was drawn directly from this crop circle as it appeared in the field – and from no other source. We do not own or claim the copyright for the design itself, only this specific painted version shown on the website. For more information about copyright see the About Our Website section of the website.

Materials: This painting is created on hot-press cotton watercolour paper (Quarter Imperial) with deckled edge on one side and a cut edge on another – some paintings may carry a watermark of the paper maker in the bottom left of the paper.

The painting was first drawn in pencil with compass and straight edge. The watercolour paint is then applied, before the entire design is outlined with a fine-line permanent ink. Finally, the black areas are painted-in using traditional drawing ink with a brush.

Packaging: Each painting is sent flat-packed to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

Helping to Archive the phenomenon: We use a large part of the price of this painting to have a high resolution scan made and then we digitally archive the image. In buying this painting you are helping create a digital archive of images for the future.

Note: This listing is for the painting only – any gallery photo showing the picture framed is simply to give you an idea of how striking the pictures can look when mounted and framed.

Many people create artistic reproductions of the crop circles; some as paintings, some as sculpture, others as jewellery, even as quilts! Karen Alexander is but one in a long line of artists that use the circles as inspiration for their own works.  Karen’s  paintings are created as part her exploration of the number, geometry and symbolism of the crop circles; an educational process, the results of which are freely shared on this website. 

You can read more about this crop circle here 

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Dimensions 54 x 10 x 10 cm


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