Crop Circle Calendar 2016


The Crop Circle Calendar 2016 is the latest in our series of popular crop circle calendars. Our annual calendars contain a collection of some of the best historic crop circles of the past twenty years, with sumptuous photography by Steve Alexander, commentary by Karen Alexander, and bold crop circle graphics by Bertold Zugelder. They are the perfect way to introduce friends and family to the crop circles and make striking wall decorations, with an attractive grid to mark important appointments!

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The 2016 Crop Circle Calendar includes (amongst others): The 08.08.08 infinity symbol, the Yin/Yang of 2007, the 64 Knots of 2012 and the Hypercube of 2010.

Jan: Corley 2012
Feb: Cherhill 2008
Mar: Collingborne Kingstone 2005
April: Green Street, Avebury 2003
May: Cheesefoot Head 2012
Jun: Fosbury Camp 2010
Jul: Cherhill 2011
Aug: Stantonbury Hill 2007
Sept: Milk Hill 2008
Oct: Tan Hill 2004
Nov: West Stowell 1994
Dec: White Sheet Hill 2010

From the back cover:

Crop Circles are mysterious and beautiful patterns that appear in crop fields throughout the spring and summer months. Measuring hundreds of feet in diameter, they create gigantic modern-day sacred spaces on the landscape. This bold, colourful calendar contains some of the best crop circles reported ever! Includes 12 amazing aerial images and colourful crop circle graphics. There is also plenty of room to mark your important dates and engagements. This calendar is a great way of bringing the beauty and mystery of the crop circles into your home. With stunning photography by top photographer Steve Alexander and an introduction by crop circle writer Karen Alexander.

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