Engaging the Crop Circle Phenomenon: Online Seminar 2024


Hosted & presented by Karen Alexander & Prof. Jonthan-Paul DeVierville
Sundays: 28th April | 12th May | 26th May  & 2nd June 2024
2-hourly sessions 6 – 8pm UK time.


About our Event 

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This brand new event was born from our Engaging the Crop Circle Phenomenon series of lectures. We have decided to call this event a seminar rather than workshop, as it will be a collaborative event in which we dive deeply into the communicative aspects of the crop circle phenomenon. We aim to better recognise the ways in which we might engage the phenomenon and the ways in which it might be already engaging us.

It is clear that the crop circle phenomenon speaks in many different ways. Whether that is through their shapes, geometry, dates and locations, or a whole strata of communication types, from the most obvious to the very subtle. The Engaging the Crop Circle Phenomenon lecture series set out to explore these methods of communication in some detail. From early clues and experimentation, attempting to map the process of engagement, to exploring the more subtle ‘body language’ cues that the phenomenon exhibits. All of these lectures drew upon both Karen’s personal experiences and the experiences of others who had come into contact with the phenomenon. It is clear from this work that the heart of the messaging of the phenomenon lies in the personal experiences of these who engage it. By exploring those engagements further and more widely we can build a more refined picture of these communications. This seminar hopes to do just that by inviting those drawn to the phenomenon to both share their own thoughts and experiences and to interact with other experiencers so that we can learn from one another. This seminar is not workshop or necessarily a teaching or lecture event, rather, it is an opportunity come together as a collegiate cohort. Our aim is to bring together a community of those engaging the crop circle phenomenon to further our understanding of how this phenomenon communicates with us both individually and culturally.

No ‘expertise’ is needed to attend this event. All you need are your thoughts and stories about the crop circles you may have seen or read about to be able to contribute. This is an open invitation to anyone who has an interest or a calling to this phenomenon.

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