Online Crop Circle Conference 2020 (Video)

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Welcome to recordings from the Temporary Temples Online Crop Circle Conference 2020

For the past two years we have held our annual crop circle conference online (via the Zoom platform). In that time we have recorded each lecture and workshop and are now going to be offering them for sale. You can buy the whole event here for a great discounted price.

The 2020 conference video package contains eight x 1 hour lectures with additional questions from the audience. It also includes a 2.5 hour Geometry Workshop in which is included a follow-along drawing session. See below for details on all our wonderful speakers! If you have never attended one of our online events before this could be a great taster to see what we are all about!

You will receive an order confirmation soon after you make your purchase. Then allow 24 hours for a ‘Welcome email’ from us and a link to a Google Drive file where the videos are stored. you can either stream them on the Google page or download them on to your device to keep.

If you want to pick and choose, individual lectures are available from £10 each please purchase on the Conference Page HERE.


About our Crop Circle Conference 2020

We had some fascinating and thought-provoking lectures during our 2020 online conference. They covered a whole spectrum of topics related to the crop circle subject. From personal experiences, the beautiful details of the interior of the crop circles, the link between the ancient stone circle building ancestors and the the modern crop circles, links to Ancient Egyptian symbolism, Jungian Psychology, the quest for the Holy Grail and so much more! 

Speakers & Workshops:

Workshop – Karen Alexander & Geoff Fitzpatrick – Introduction to Crop Circle Geometry Workshop
Lecture 1 –  Karen Alexander – A Review of the 2020 Crop Circle Season
Lecture 2 – Robin Heath – Contact with Neolithic Geometers and an interaction with the circle-makers
Lecture 3Juliet Mathison – Crop Circle Mysteries: Bridging Science and Spirit in the Age of Awakening
Lecture 4 Ed Conroy – My long-distance love-affair with crop circles and earth energies
Lecture 5 – Geoff Fitzpatrick – Presentation: Crop Circles – Mandalas for the Modern Age
Lecture 6Todd Hayen – Crop Circles and Ancient Egyptian Symbolism
Lecture 7 – Veronica Goodchild – Crop Circles and the Mystery of the Grail
Lecture 8Dan Vidler – Inside ‘In Formation(s)
Lecture 9Jonathan DeVierville – Crop Circles: Stories of Sitting, Sensing & Seeing The Lights

You can read much more about the speakers and their presentations HERE