Cley Hill 2016 (20 x 30 Photo Print)


Large Photo Print for framing or display

20 x 30 inches (50 x 75 cm) Glossy Finish

Cley Hill, nr Warminster, Wilts, UK.
30th July 2016. Wheat. 250ft Approx.

These magnificent full-colour photo prints will make an absolutely stunning addition to any home, office or even gallery. They look great framed on any wall space.


About our Photographic Enlargements: Each 20 x 30 inch image is printed on glossy photographic paper and is supplied hand-rolled and posted in a strong cardboard tube to ensure safe delivery. We have chosen a selection of our favourite crop circles from the 2016 season for you to choose from.

Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wilts:This formation is a diamond ring, so to speak. A ring of twenty standing diamond shapes in a flattened ring around a large standing circle at the centre of the design. The formation measures approximately 200ft in diameter and is in a field of ripe wheat directly below Cley Hill.

Cley Hill has been the site of crop circles before, most notably in 1997 and 2010 and is known for its role in a series of very famous UFO sightings in the 1970s as well as other strange happenings around the same time. You can read more about the ‘Warminster Thing’ here.

We were not able to photograph this formation immediately, as we were at our annual conference the weekend it appeared, and then had to wait for some decent weather after an unsettled period, but we were horrified by the state of the formation after just one week in the field. We have cleaned up our pictures to show the formation as it first looked, but if you look in the gallery below you will see an image showing the formation as it is now. It was so very sad to see visitors had walked through the standing crop to get in the field, rather than follow a tractor-line and had even walked around in the standing areas within the circle. My sense is that most crop circle enthusiasts know basic crop circle visiting etiquette and would be just as appalled as we were by the damage, but often the visiting general public are quite unaware. Enter and leave the field using a tractor-line, don’t allow your children to run wild into the standing crop and keep animals on a lead. To us crop circles are sacred sites and should be treated with care and respect, leave a formation as you find it and do no harm  – but even if you don’t see crop circles in the same way as we do, have a care for the farmer, this is his property and his livelihood you are destroying. Please, please be mindful when visiting these amazing formations. You can read more about this formation here.

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