Winterbourne Stoke Down, Wiltshire.

This beautiful and striking formation was reported on the 10th of July and very lies close to the new visitors centre at Stonehenge. It measures approximately 200ft in diameter and is in a field of wheat, just beginning to move from green to a ripening golden colour.

The design contains at its heart a four pointed star and a crescent moon, not dissimilar to those seen in other formations around this area, this year – particularly at West Amesbury. Of specific note is the outer ring, there are thirteen standing boxes, and between each box is a pattern woven into the flattered crop. This pattern appears to be four bars sat side by side of different lengths, which creates a blocked effect. it looks superb when the sun shines on it!

As I’ve mentioned before, thirteen is the number of transformation – see my blog about another thirteen formation for more about the symbolism of thirteen and its connection to a perceived change or transformation in human consciousness. The star looks almost compass like to me, perhaps indicating a re-orientation, after, or during a tumultuous time of change. There have been similar compass like formations occurring, interestingly, since 2102.

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This is a beauty of a formation and I’m looking forward to drawing it. As it’s not possible to divide the 360°s of the circle into thirteen whole number sections to draw the boxes in the perimeter ring, some adjustment will need to be made to approximate the division as equally as possible. The four bars between the thirteen boxes will add to the challenge! I’ll upload some drawings as soon as I complete them.








This crop circle has now been harvested

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