Uffcott, Wiltshire.

This formation appeared over the summer solstice weekend at Uffcott – not too far from Hackpen Hill in Wiltshire. It measures approximately 100ft in diameter and is in a field of barley. This circle looked beautiful in the landscape, especially when the emerald green of the barley field and the periwinkle blue of the sky met. Such beauty, had an enchanting effect on the psyche as we flew over.

The design is quite remarkable and certainly original. While I’ve seen it described as messy elsewhere on the internet nothing could be further from the truth! The design is unconventional yes, but it was executed extremely well. This formation combines the numbers five and six beautifully. Six interlocking rings around the central circle and five concentric rings. The pattern is simply picked form this geometric framework – all be it in a unconventional way. For full explanation see the Geometry Gallery below.

Steve got some stunning images of this formation, we hope you enjoy them!

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Geometry Gallery

This formation is one of the most geometrically challenging of the season so far. Novel, innovative and original – in the way in which the pattern is picked from its geometric framework. The diameter of the central circle becomes the radius of six larger circles which are drawn around the central circle using its perimeter as their centres. Five equally spaced concentric rings are then drawn around the central circle and it is from this framework (see image (1) below) that the entire pattern is picked. In Image (2) I have cross hatched the standing parts of the design, and removed the superfluous lines so that the pattern becomes clear. One consequence of this framework and the picked out pattern is that it creates three distinct spirals  – see image(4). Image (5) shows the design complete and image (6) shows a phi relationship between the centre circle and the outermost perimeter of the design. Anyone thinking this formation was messy or geometrically faulty somehow, are most certainly wrong, and need to look with at this circle with better eyes and a little clarity.

Five is the number of Life and is intimately connected to the Golden Section (phi). Six is the number of Perfect Love and Best Economy (ever see a bee at work in his hive?). Love, life, harmony and a respect for succinctness and precision is expressed in the numbers, portion and pattern – a rose indeed by any other name…

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Peter van den Burg for his geometric key which helped to unlock this formation for me – Karen.








This crop circle has now been harvested

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