Fulley Wood, nr Tichborne, Hampshire

This formation appeared on the 24th June in a field of young wheat and measured approximately 180-200ft in diameter.

The geometry of this formation is particularly beautiful  and sophisticated. The whole design is (of course) made entirely from circles, the main inner part of the design is made from a series of nested Vesicas. The construction is endlessly elegant and edifying, there are six iterations of this nesting – then the pattern is contained, firstly in a circle, and then in a containing crescent. Images of ripples in a pond spring to mind, but I think this formation speaks of the endless fount of creation emanating from the source.

The Vesica or Vesica Pisces is the almond or fish shape created when two circle intersect – where a point on the perimeter of one circle becomes the centre of a second circle with exactly the same diameter. This is the first act of Sacred Geometry and is called the ‘Division of Unity’ – the first act in the creation of all reality. Unity does not split itself in half – as this would fracture and diminish it – but rather, creates another in the image of itself, this image is then embedded in everything that manifests from the Vesica – which becomes a birth channel from which everything in reality is born. It is a shape intimately connected with the Sacred Feminine – for obvious reasons.

This is an incredibly beautiful, powerful and sacred image.

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This was one of those special formations that was a sheer joy to draw. The geometry is simply beautiful and only when drawn by hand can one appreciate the rhythm of its construction in your hands. The entire drawing is self generating with no need for any measurement at all.

The central section is a collection of self-generating nested Vesicas. There are six iterations in all. They are enclosed by a circle, then contained by another circle whose centre is the apex of one of the vesicas in the centre, and creates a crescent moon. This is a very feminine image, regenerating vesicas contained by a crescent moon. To me this formation speaks of the continuing generation of reality from the source via the Divine feminine principle. It’s simply a truly gorgeous formation!

There are a couple of Golden Section rations in this formation – see the gallery.

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This crop circle has been harvested


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