Blackwood, nr Popham, Hampshire

Important: The farmer has asked that no one enter the field please as the crop is in the process of recovering and if that continues the crop will be harvestable at the end of the summer. We ask everyone to please respect his wishes – thank-you.

This gorgeous formation was reported on the 27th June 2016 and is in a field of young wheat. There was a formation at this location back in 2014, a six-pointed star, in exactly the same field. The pattern is a diamond shape formed from circles in a six-fold relationship to one another. The formation looked like an emerald jewel in the landscape! Most will instantly recognise this pattern as part of the flower of life design popularised by Drunvalo Melhisedek – you can read more about Drunvalo and his work by clicking on the link above. The ‘Flower of Life’ pattern is essentially an arrangement of circles, each with same diameter, these circles are repeated to create a six-fold flower design. From the framework this diagram creates it is possible extrapolate many other geometries, patterns and symbols from human culture – hence the perceived  importance of the design. We have seen other crop circles using this very simple six-fold geometry in the past and in fact as a drawing exercise it is fantastic for improving accuracy when working with a compass! As mentioned before on this website six has two distinct associations, one with harmony, love and balance, the second with structure, order and function. It’s one of the numbers we see with most frequency in crop circle design and is I think in part why we perceive a peaceful and benevolent aspect to the crop circle phenomenon.

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This really is a gorgeous formation. Based on the six-fold geometry of the Flower of Life, it shows nine circles. Nine is the number of threshold – making this the Flower of Threshold – and a diamond for the mind! It also looked a bit like a classic flying saucer to me – a modern symbol of the soul?

This kind of pattern has been seen before in other crop circles. There was a simple Seed of Life at Yatesbury in 2013 and (in the gallery below) a triangular version of the Flower of Life at Waden Hill in Wiltshire back in 2012.

See the gallery below for my drawing of this formation…

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This crop circle has been harvested

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