The Ridgeway, nr Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire

This crop circle appeared on the morning of June 23rd and is in almost the same position as the Dream-catcher formation of 2013. It measures approximately 130ft in diameter and is in a field of young green wheat.

The farmer has opened this field to visitors and is charging £3.00 per person with money going to the Brighter Futures cancer charity. You pay your money on entry to the field. Park at the top of Hackpen Hill, where the Ridgeway intersects the road, then walk along the ridgeway until you reach the field.

This is an extremely challenging image. Normally the crop circles do not show us such seemingly aggressive imagery and its meaning remains enigmatic. Some made a somewhat tenuous link between this image and the UK’s exit from the EU, but apart from the date this link seems more than tentative. We’ve had dolphins, and generic fish imagery, but sharks bearing their teeth?!

If this were to symbolise anything to me it would be more like the cannibalisation taking part in our society at present, whether thats the cannibalisation of our economies, or cultures as a whole (literally eating itself from the inside). The sharks are circling around a triquetra, a Celtic symbol of the trinity, or three as (or in) one – what might the triquetra symbolise in this context? Should one take this crop circle seriously, it’s a fascinating question.

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Geometrically speaking this formation is six-fold in essence and is based around the hexagon and the circle. More information as I have it…










This crop circle has been harvested


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