The 2019 Crop Circle Season – Early Season Information

Last updated:  06 June 2019

The 2019 Crop Circle Seaon has begun!

You can see images form our first flight of 2019 here.

The first crop circles of 2019 in the UK have now been reported:


Norridge Wood, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 22nd May.
A small asymmetrical three-fold grouping of circles in barley




Chesterton Farm, nr Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Reported 25th May.
Small grouping of rough circles in barley




Spiers Lane, nr Chilton Candover, Hampshire. Reported 26th May.
A small seed-of-life design in barley




There have also been a couple of international circles reported:

Osimo, Ancona, Italy. Reported 25th May

Flower design from interlocking circles




Notre Dame of France, Nr Moisselles, France. Reported 1st June.
A series of circles and Crescent moons.




With grateful thanks to Bertold Zugelder of for his images

General Pre-Season Info

When will the first circle of 2019 appear?

The first circle reported last year (2018) was on May 8th at Willoughby Hedge, but in 2017 the first circle appeared earlier on April 22nd at Waden Hill near Avebury. The UK winter has been warmer this year, so we might expect the season to start early – but who knows! There are no hard and fast rules about this.

Although it might seem obvious, crop circles occur only during the crop growing season. In the UK the first circles can start to occur in April and May, reaching their height in late July and August. Crop circles do in fact occur all over the world in many countries and obviously they similarly follow growing seasons in that particular part of the world.

Where do the crop circles appear?

In the UK most circles occur in the county of Wiltshire, although circles do happen (in lesser numbers) countrywide. In the early season (April/May) numbers are few but this gradually builds up as the summer moves on, at the height of the season (late July/August) several circles can appear on one night.

The season ends with the harvest – and the slate is wiped clean for another year. In the UK the first crop to mature is oilseed rape (canola), then barley, then wheat – the circles seem to follow this maturation process with the first circles appearing in the brilliant yellow of the canola fields and finishing in mature golden wheat. From time to time circles have appeared in other crops – linseed, borage, oats, even beans.

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