Clearbury Ring, nr Nunton, Wiltshire

This magnificent crop circle is thought to have appeared on the 7th of July. It is no doubt one of the most spectacular designs to date in the 2015 crop circle season. It measures approximately 400ft in length and is clearly an older sibling of the circles at Newton Barrow and West Amesbury. It appeared in a field of still green wheat below nearby Clearbury Ring hill fort.

It’s a little known fact that crop circles often present us with themes in their designs and then evolve and advance them over several formations throughout a season. This set of crop circles is clearly a case in point. The impressive sweep of the huge crescent moons, the angles of the shard-like shapes are striking, and the overall design in the landscape looks just awesome! It has also been pointed out by several researchers that this formation is also linked to designs from previous years, so like the unfolding of a story narrative, it maybe that this one has someway to run yet.

The meaning of such a design, remains almost entirely enigmatic, but yet again we see the archetypes of the ‘mirror’ and the ‘twin’ at work, as one side of the circle is clearly a mirror image, or twin of the other. The notions of iteration, balance and symmetry all seem applicable here.

Clearbury Ring lies to the south of the great medieval city of Salisbury. It is a singled-ditched Iron Age hill fort. Unfortunately there is no public access to the site, apart from a pathway that leads along its south-eastern side. The hill fort is almost entirely covered in trees and vegetation, so its bank and ditch are invisible from the air. As far as we are aware it is the first time that a crop circle has appeared here. You can read more about Clearbury Ring here.

The farmer has asked that no one enters the field, please respect his wishes.

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This crop circle has now been harvested

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