Etchilhampton, Wilts 2019 L (20 x 30 Photo Print)


Large Photo Print for framing or display

20 x 30 inches (38 x 25 cm) Glossy Finish

Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, UK.
20th August 2019. Wheat. 200ft Approx.

These magnificent full-colour photo prints will make an absolutely stunning addition to any home, office or even gallery. They look great framed on any wall space.


About our Photographic Enlargements: Each 20 x 30 inch image is printed on glossy photographic paper and is supplied hand-rolled and posted in a strong cardboard tube or is flat-packed to ensure safe delivery. We have chosen a selection of our favourite crop circles from the 2019 season for you to choose from.

Design & Symbolism: This circle didn’t break any new geometrical ground, but rather recycled design motifs we have seen many times before. A set of nested crescents make up the central part of the design, with twelve box-type motifs around its perimeter. We have seen nested crescents appearing since the early nineties and the stylised-boxes (as a bounding perimeter) since 2005. Sometimes these boxes are spirals, but the boxes in this circle could perhaps be interpreted as partial spirals? Funnily enough the nested crescents look a little like an angel singing!

You can read more about this circle here.


Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 54 × 9 × 9 cm


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