Badbury Rings 2014 OH (10 x 15 Print)


Large Photo Print for framing or display

10 x 15 inches (38 x 25 cm) Glossy Finish

Hod Hill, nr. Hanford, Dorset, UK.
1st June 2014. Barley. 120ft Approx.

These magnificent full-colour photo prints will make an absolutely stunning addition to any home, office or even gallery. They look great framed on any wall space.


About our Photographic Enlargements: Each 10 x 15 inch image is printed on glossy photographic paper and is supplied hand-rolled and posted in a strong cardboard tube to ensure safe delivery. We have chosen a selection of our favourite crop circles from the last 20 years for you to choose from.

Badbury Rings 2014: The formation close to Badbury Rings Hill fort in Dorset arrived on the 17th of June in a field of Barley. This had to be one of the most innovative designs of the 2014 season and was visited by hundreds of people when the farmer generously opened up his field. Once again, this formation contained a hidden Golden Section giving a very pleasing proportion to the design. Affectionately known as the ‘parachute’ the labyrinthine designs at the top of the formation were particularly beautiful. Some saw a relationship to the Kabbalah and noted the splitting of the labyrinth.

This image shows the crop circle in its attending landscape captures the atmosphere, mood and power of the formation while it remained in the field.

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