Firstly, we’d like to send you all our very best wishes in the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic – please keep safe and follow all the given advice. Secondly, we’d like to let you know that our website will continue to operate normally including our Online Shop. We will be observing all the prescribed advice regarding increased hygiene when we pack and send our products out to you. Of course, please expect to experience a little delay in the postal system while your goods are in transit.

None of us really know how long this pandemic will be with us, or how it will effect the crop circle season, but for now we will be operating as usual. For the time being we will also keep information about our planned Summer Lectures Conference and the Crop Circles of Transformation Workshop (at Avebury) on the website. As these events are scheduled for the late summer, we feel it’s too early to start cancelling them just yet. We will be closely monitoring the situation and ongoing advice and will make a decision about these events further down the line. We really do want to keep them running and will do all we can to make sure they go ahead – if the situation allows. It’s in times such as these that the crop circles are more important than ever and we’ll be doing our very best to keep you in touch with any circles that do appear.

In the meantime, we will be offering some online workshops and lectures that you can take part in from the comfort of your own home. Please see the Events Page of the website for details of the our first online offering.

With all our love, Steve & Karen.