White Sheet Hill, nr Stourton, Wiltshire

We have seen a number of crop circles appear around White Sheet Hill over the years. Back in 2010 a wonderful snowflake appeared here  – one of our favourite formations of all time. This formation was wonderfully defined, crisp and precise. One of the semi circles looks damaged in the pictures, but this some naturally occurring feature of the field, rather than a defect with the crop circle itself. It might be the site of a dew pond, or some such.

This yet is another five-fold formation to appear during 2016, to add to the ones at East Kennett back in May and Silbury Hill in June. The East Kennett formation also contained a pentagon, but the Silbury Formation was a pentagram. As discussed when both these circle appeared, five is the number of life and regeneration, the pentagram also generates the proportion Phi, which in turn is linked to the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. It’s a number intimately connected to man, as the proportions of our bodies are governed by Phi and five. The prevalent use of five-fold geometry on the crop circles gives the phenomenon the feel of being alive and living itself.

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This formation is obviously five-fold. It has a central pentagon shape at the centre, contained by a circle. A small semi-circle is then cut form each face of the pentagon and a small ringed circle sits in the centre.

It’s another on the the drawing board, check back for images as I have them…










This crop circles has been harvested


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