Welcome to the 2017 Crop Circle Season!

Introduction & The Story So Far…

About the crop circle season

The 2017 crop circle season has begun and we will soon be updating our website with new images and information about the new season. Typically, the season begins sometime in April and goes through until August when the fields are harvested. The timing of the season can vary widely depending on weather and other factors that affect the growing cycle of the crops. The first formations are generally in oilseed rape (canola) crop as it is the first crop that matures each year, the circles then move into barley and finally wheat. From time to time we do get circles in other crops; maize (corn), linseed and borage to name a few. We often get calls from people hoping to see a circle when they are visiting the UK, but don’t realise that if you’re visiting in the autumn or winter there are no viable fields. If you are planning to visit Wiltshire, or any crop circles that might appear please read our Visiting the Crop Circles section of our website for general information and advice and see our Events section for our programme of summer crop circle events.

Latest Information

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Early 2017 circles

Cherhill, Wiltshire | 16th April 2017

The first reported circle of the 2017 season was reported in an oilseed rape field at Cherhill in Wiltshire, in a field below the chalk white horse and the Cherhill monument. It was a beautifully proportioned pendulum-like design, very reminiscent of circles from the early 1990s. It was quite large measuring approximately 250ft in length. Unfortunately it was soon cut out of the field by the farmer who did not want visitors in his crops. This field has had many famous crop circles appear in it over the years. Below you can see my drawing of the circle and it’s lovely Golden Section proportioning.

Tarlton, Gloucestershire, UK | 18th April 2017

The second reported circle of the season was at Tarlton in Gloucestershire. Once again there have been circles in this area before, but not in this field. This formation was a standing crescent inside a circle with two accompanying satellite circles. The large circle with crescent measured approximately 50ft and was once again in oilseed rape. The circle when reported looked as if it had already been there some time, the plants had begun to recover (via phototropism). So in fact this circle, rather than the one reported earlier at Cherhill could have been the first formation of the year. 

You can see drawings and geometric analysis of these two formations in the gallery below. The Cherhill analysis by Karen Alexander – the Tarlton drawing and analysis is courtesy of researcher and geometer Michael Glickman. 

The holding image on this page is a painting of one of the first formations of the season located at Waden Hill, nr Avebury in Wiltshire – stay tuned for more information…

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