Upper Rapeland Wood, nr Horsham, W. Sussex.

This lovely formation appeared in a field of young wheat close to Horsham in West Sussex. It measures approximately 125ft diameter. This design is a three-dimensional cross (with equal length arms) shown as an outline or framework.

The cross is traditionally about four-fold geometry and is linked with the cardinal points. It is also connected to three dimension, in that this cross could easily have been cut from a cube. The cube is the first of the three-dimensional platonic solids, and in the evolution of geometry from the point, through the plane, it is the cube which signals the movement from two to three dimensions – as such the cube has been of great import to the evolution of crop circle geometry. As such four is connected with the Earth, substance, and material reality. The foundation stone upon which all of creation is built.

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This corp circle has now been harvested

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