Uffcott Down, nr. Barbury Castle, Wiltshire.

This crop circle was always going to be a big hit with the public. Quickly identified by some as a Native American ‘Eagle Dancer’, it’s spiritual connotations alone assured it great attention. For many Native Americans the Eagle is sacred and is renowned for its ability to fly incredibly high in the sky, above the clouds and is seen as a messenger between heaven and earth. I have always been surprised we have not had more Native American iconography appear as crop circles, certainly many native Americans have been drawn to the crop circles over the years.

This design, while having come geometric elements is one of that category of crop circle that is more like a drawing than a geometric form. It’s detail is fascinating, but much more reminiscent of a hand-drawing than a geometrical exercise. It will be fascinating to draw. Certainly, the rendering is not geometrically perfect, but this takes nothing away from the formation, the rules some attach to perfection as a sign of a ‘genuine’ formation acts as a limitation rather than providing any real clarity in my experience. The idea of inscribing this design into a wheat field at night, in a few short hours, is as inscrutable in this instance as it is in any other – geometrically perfect or not.

The theme of a message of the Gods, or a connection between heaven and earth, or the spirit realm and 3D reality is one that the crop circles seem to have repeated time after time – along with that of transformation and specifically consciousness change. This, for me, is another expression of that theme. The crop circles seem to inspire a contemplation of the spirit/other realms and their relation to our world. As a civilisation (particularly in the West), we have severed our connection to spirit, lost the mandate of heaven. Once we were the children of the book (whichever book that was), perhaps now we have to transcend that limitation and connect directly again with spirit. Perhaps this is part of the great transformation of which the circles seem to speak.

I would estimate this circle measures approximately 200ft and is in a field of mature wheat.

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As mentioned above, more of a hand-drawing than a geometric exercise, this formation will be fascinating to draw. Yet another one to add to my growing list of circles to draw!








This crop circle has now been harvested

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