Northfields, nr Twyford, Hampshire

This rather elegant ring and circle was yet another formation to occur on the old circle hunting ground of Hampshire. Hampshire was the location of many of the early formations in the 1980s, and while in later years Wiltshire gained favour with the circle-makers, its nice to have the formations appearing regularly in Hampshire again.

The seemingly simple nature of this formation is always gratifying to see, it harks back to the days of simple circles, rings and satellite or grapeshot circles – it keeps the origins of the phenomenon alive and always present.

The circle or ring is a representation of one. It signifies unity, the Divine, all that is. The ring encompasses (literally) it holds, and contains. It is a totality, a whole, an infinity and an eternity, it is without beginning or end. I concur completely with the renaissance philosopher Giordano Bruno when he said “It is Unity that doth enchant me.” It is from unity that all else springs forth, what a lesson that is for the World right now.

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Contemplating the circle (or in this case ring) is something that one often comes back to over and over again when studying Sacred Geometry – it is central to the mystery of number. The practice of bringing able to draw a circle with a compass in one sweep, where no beginning or end is discernible is an exercise that continues to exercise the most accomplished geometer! It’s a constant reminder of the perfection of the Divine.

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This crop circle has been harvested

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