Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire

This crop circle event was reported on the 15th of July in a field of ripening wheat next to the Rollright Stones circle, north west of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Although there have been a handful of circles here in the past, this would be the first time we had flown there to photograph a circle. Upon arrival we could see there were in fact two formations in the same field.

The circles are in a field directly next to the stones. The first was a small ringed circle, which lay very close indeed to the stone circle, and the second larger formation sits relatively central in the field, but at the end of the field nearest the stone circle. The largest circle contained an elaborate design, centred on a pentagram (five-pointed star) with two crescent moon shapes, one large and one small – the smaller one sitting at the centre of the design. The Pentagram is nicely realised, and has a celtic knot effect, as the arms seem to be partially above the large crescent shape and partially below it. The whole of the design then sits inside a large flattened circle. The larger formation measures approximately 150 -180ft in diameter and the small ringed circle was approximately 50-60ft in diameter.

Traditionally, in sacred geometry, five is the number of life, growth and regeneration. Five and its close relations the Fibonacci sequence and Phi are found in the proportions, growth and regeneration patterns of all living things – from the humblest plant to the infinitely complex homo-sapien. It is also connected with the planet venus, as the planet inscribes a pentagram around the Earth every eight years as it travels around the solar system. It is from this later correspondence, that it gets its prime association with the sacred feminine. With the addition of the crescent moons, this formation might be said to speak of the regeneration of the sacred feminine.

The Rollright Stones themselves, are a ring of relatively small standing stones. According to folklore, the stones are a king and his courtiers, petrified into stone by a witch! Its a very pretty location and as we flew over we could see a small labyrinth in the grasses right next to the stones. In addition to the stone circle there are two other stone monuments nearby. The stone circle sits right next to a road, and on the other side of the road is a single standing megalith called the Kings Stone. Interestingly, although only over the road (literally), this stone lies in the county of Warwickshire – the road marking the boundary between the counties of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. The third stone monument is a dolman called the Whispering Knights  – so named because of the way the stones lean into one another in a ‘conspiratorial’ posture. You can read much more about the Rollright Stones here.

We took many pictures of the crop circles and the stone monuments – we hope you enjoy them!

Update: Click here for some detailed ground shots by researcher Dan Vidler.

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