Reigate Hill, Reigate, Surrey.

There have been several depictions of the iconic ‘Alien Face’ in crop circles over the years, the most famous perhaps being the huge ‘Alien Face and Disc’ at Crabwood in Hampshire back in 2002. Whatever the alien is that seems to haunt our psyche it does seem that it is somehow connected in part with the crop circles. The classic alien face seems to be a major archetype of modern times, and therefore perhaps it would be a mistake to interpret it too literally as we have done with many stories about non-human visitors for many years. Perhaps if the alien archetype means anything it is the existence of a genuine unknown at the heart of our reality, that we have had periodic contact with over thousands as years, and interpreted as Gods in the past and as ETs in the present. However, I suspect both these interpretations are in fact cultural filters and what truly lies behind them is yet to be discovered. This formation looks like a feathered mask to me – I wonder what would would happen if we were to remove it – what might truly lie beneath? It’s one of the biggest questions we face and is intimately I think connected to a new state of human consciousness. Many people talk about ‘disclosure’, but I suspect that what disclosure is truly about is peeling back our cultural filters enough to reveal this unknown that persistently and increasingly resides in the midst of our minds, culture and reality.

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This will be fascinating to look at geometrically. What geometry might underlie the design? It’s another on the list for the drawing board – check back for updates…








This crop circle has now been harvested



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