Blackhorse Lane, Margery, Surrey

This small but well executed circle was reported on the 16th of June in a field of barley and measures approximately 80-100ft in diameter. It is usual, but welcome to have crop circles in this part of the country. The formation was placed in a small field containing a nearby copse of trees.

This circle seems to be a commentary of the geometry of six – one of the most common numbers used in crop circle design. A thin ring contains a diamond shape and within the diamond are a series of standing and flattened triangles. For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you will see that the diamond is split in to two and that each half  has have opposing standing and flattened triangles.  For more about the geometry – see the Geometry Gallery below.

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Geometry Gallery

As you can see from the pictures below, this crop crop circle design is all about number six. Six is the most prolifically used number on crop circle design – no doubt because of its harmonious properties. In this circle, the 360°s of the circle are divided into six and arms are extended from the centre point of the circle to points at 300° and 60° these points are then connected to the centre point of the circle at the top to create the diamond shape inside the circle. You can see (very faintly) in the pencil outline below that this diamond could also be the top surface of a cube drawn inside a circle. Each half of the diamond is different with opposing triangles flattened and standing. This is more tricky to draw than you might first expect, look carefully at the close-up of the diamond (last image in the gallery below) for more detail. To me this formation speaks of the unity (encompassing circle) and harmony (six-fold geometry) of the opposites (standing and flattened triangles in the diamond shape). This was an unusual, but very lovely crop circle, with a wonderful constellation of geometries.








This crop circle has now been harvested

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