Hod Hill, Dorset

This formation at Hod Hill in Dorset is the first major crop circle of the 2014 season. It is the second to appear in the county this summer, back on April 30th there was a small circle in oilseed rape (canola) at nearby Hambeldon Hill (see Geometry Gallery for drawings). This circle is in young barley and is a beautifully executed design; a marriage of rings and squares. Note the inner most rings, for they form a labyrinthine pathway with one end in the centre of the formation and the other ending with a small circle. There are also two beautiful Golden Section proportions to this design –  see Geometry Gallery.

Hod Hill is Dorset’s largest Hill Fort with Iron Age, Roman and medieval ramparts. Inside the Hill Fort you can see circular hollows and ridges, which are the remains of buildings that once stood there. It is a site of outstanding natural beauty and is famed for its flora and fauna.

Historically, the crop circles have had an open love affair with ancient sites, particularly those in Wiltshire such as Avebury and Silbury. It seems the same is also true of crop circles in counties outside Wiltshire as evidenced by this formation.

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Geometry Gallery

The crop circle at Hod Hill is a particularly harmonious and beautiful design and was a joy to draw. It has two lovely Golden Section proportions, one of which places the small circle at the end of the pathway precisely – as shown by the callipers in the pictures below. Also in the gallery are some drawings of the formation at Hambledon Hill (April 30th) which we were unable to photograph.








This crop circle has been harvested

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