Harewell Lane, nr Besford, Worcestershire

This stunning crop circle was yet another to occur this year outside of the unusual environs of Wiltshire. An overlaid pentagram and pentagon are contained within a flattened circle with cookie-cutter precision. It measured approximately 200ft. in diameter and was the first circle of the year to occur in wheat. Five-fold geometry has been utilised by the circle-makers many times, but there is a beauty to this meticulously created design that is extremely edifying.

If you look carefully in the background of image 6 (below) you will see the Defford radio telescope in the background.

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The precise nature of this design made drawing it a joy. It was a simple, classical, iconic image. Five-fold geometry is synonymous with man and all living things. Man has five appendages – a head, two arms and two legs. Five-fold geometry (through the pentagram) is also the generator of the Golden Section – which is found in the proportions and growth processes of all living things. The pentagram is also symbolic of the sacred feminine as the planet venus creates a pentagram, once every eight years (as seen from Earth) as she traverses the solar system. Five is the number of life and generation.








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