Green Street (1), Avebury, Wiltshire

This small formation is one of the handful of circles to appear in Wiltshire in 2014. It is located along Green Street, between Avebury stone circle and The Ridgeway. What this circle lacked in stature, it more than made up for with numbers; this formation was full of them! Four, Five, six, seven and thirteen. Counting from the centre; four circles, six inner semicircles, and seven outer semicircles, thirteen semicircles in all. Thirteen is the number of transformation and a number seen with regularity in crop circle design. So where is five I hear you say? Well, you’ll have to see the Geometry Gallery for that! This circle measures approximately 120ft in diameter and is in wheat.

Update: Click here for some of researcher Dan Vilder’s beautiful ground shots, field report and video.

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Geometry Gallery

I loved this little circle. The numbers were sublime. Four, five, six, seven and thirteen. Having four, six and seven didn’t seen quite right, five was missing, so imagine my joy when I found a hidden five in the proportions of the design! Crop circles have an exoteric geometry, which everyone sees when they look at the design, but some also have an esoteric geometry, hidden delights, not apparent from observation alone. As you can see from the first picture below, the hidden five is a pentagram that proportions the centre circle and the inner reaches of the inner semicircles. In the painting I colour that ring in to draw attention to it and leave the pencil line of the pentagram underneath the paint. From the numbers alone I read this circle as saying, the world and all life, in harmony, love and spirit is in a state of transformation. I don’t know if that is what the circle means, or if it even has a meaning, but that’s how it speaks to me.








This circle has been harvested

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