Etchilhampton Hill, nr Devizes, Wiltshire

This very pretty little circle arrived at the climax of a season which has seen very few circles in Wiltshire, and which has also seen few Wiltshire farmers allowing visitors access to their fields. So it was very welcome that the farmer did consent to visitors in this case – which was wonderful for all those wanting to visit a circle in Wiltshire!

The design is based on triangles sitting in circles, in a similar method to way the crop circle at Wilmington in June employed pentagons. Three iterations in this circle, which feels apt in a circle that uses triangles. The crop was beautifully laid inside, swept and swirled around the tiny standing circles in the largest triangle. The drill lines (lines where the seeds are sown) were quite wide in this particular field, creating an almost blurry look to some of the images. The crop circle measured approximately 90ft in diameter and was in wheat.

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This was a very pretty little design based on triangles and circles. Three iterations of a triangle sat in a circle make up the design, with three sets of double standing circles in each apex of the largest triangle. Delightfully edifying to draw!

Addendum: Since drawing this circle in the autumn of 2014, I have come to realise that the positioning of the six tiny circles in my drawing is not accurate and that they were likely placed by an invisible circle – not seen in the design in the field. Which just goes to show that even when drawing what might be considered a simple design, you need to pay great attention! it is also a lesson in how it’s always good to go back and contemplate a drawing when it’s finished as there may be an opportunity to learn something new.








This crop circle has been harvested

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