Clear Wood, nr. Upton Scudamore. Wilts.

(off the A36 and close to Cley Hill & Warminster)

The Crop Circle Story of the 2019 Season?

Update: In the months since this crop circle appeared it has become obvious that the formation at Clear Wood is possibly the crop circle story of the 2019 season. There are many, many stories of how this crop circle ‘spoke’ to people who both visited it and saw it online. Coincidences, uncanny connections and deep meanings – synchronicities – abounded around this formation. One of the most amazing stories is told by the author and megalithic researcher Robin Heath. He wrote up the story up as a blog article for us and talked about his life, work and this crop circle in one of our Crop Circle Podcasts – see links bellow

Read the Blog by veteran Megalithic researcher Robin Heath HERE

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Do you have a story to tell about the Clear Wood Crop Circle? We’re in the process of collecting stories about this crop circle and the experiences of those that visited it, or who have any kind of experience with the formation. If you have a story to tell about this circle, we’d love to hear from you you can email us HERE

Detail: This circle was the second of two crop circles to be reported on the 28th of July (the first being at Barton Stacey) and is in a field of mature barley. It measures approximately 150ft in diameter. 

Visiting: This crop circle has now been harvested. This crop circle is open to the public and there is a charge of £5.00 per person to enter. It’s great to have another circle open to the public – many thanks to the farmer for allowing us all to share in the event. 

Location: The circle is located in a field next to Clear Wood, beside the A36 close to Upton Scudamore. See ‘Google Maps’ link for precise location.

History & Connections: Upton Scudamore has been the site of crop circles from the late 1980s. A beautiful quintuplet appeared here in 1987, geometer John Martineau credits it as the circle that first got him interested in the geometry of the crop circles. His early pioneering work into the geometry of the circles is a legacy to all those that enquire into this subject following in his footsteps.  There were three circles at Upton Scudamore in 1990 and more in 1992. Nearby Cley Hill has also seen many crop circles in the fields beneath it, the last one being a huge star-star-terahedron formation in 2017. Cley Hill also lies close to Cradle Hill, a famous site during the ‘Warminster Mystery’ flap – a series of strange happenings including UFO sightings that occurred in the 1960s and 1970s. You can read more about the Warminster happenings here. You can also read Arthur Shuttlewood’s original book on the subject see here for more information. This whole area is deeply entrenched in the mysterious.

Design & Symbolism: This is a very pretty circle. The most striking aspect of which is its floor-lay. We flew this circle a couple of days after it was reported and we could see that the centre of this formation had already been damaged. The neat and precise swirl at the centre had been scuffed up, it’s unclear what could have caused this. It’s possible that strong winds and heavy rains could have caused some damage, but as the rest of the formation seems intact it seems unlikely. It could be that the damage was caused by someone visiting the circle – which would be a great pity indeed. It’s important we leave a circle as we found it when visiting. The outer ring of the crop circle also exhibited a beautiful floor-lay which featured a weaving pattern; this was particularly striking from the air. 

The shape itself features a very neat crescent moon and the whole design has a definite feminine feel to it. The marriage of circles and crescents is a long-time re-occurring motif in crop circle design. Shapes such as these always remind me of refracting light in a camera lens – lens flare. But most of all they remind me of a planetary alignment, or even an eclipse. Not in the literal sense, but in an imaginal sense – like something from a powerful dream (or Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey!)  – an arresting sight signifying something momentously important – something beyond words that can only be expressed visually.

See our Geometry Gallery below for more analysis as we have it.

Visiting the Circles? If you are thinking of visiting any crop circles this summer, please read our Visiting the Crop Circles section. It’s full of useful information and etiquette for visiting the countryside and the crop circles. Please remember that you should not enter any fields without the express permission of the farmer.

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Geometry Gallery

This crop circle is the subject of an amazing blog and podcast!

The geometry of this circle was investigated by veteran megalithic researcher Robin Heath. See below for links to his fully illustrated blog article, and an interview with Robin about his life, work and his connection to the Clear Wood crop circle.

Robin Heath: Megalithc Cultures & the Clear Wood Crop Circle of 2019

During the summer of 2019 a beautiful crop circle appeared at Clear Wood, near Upton Scudamore in Wiltshire – not far from Cley Hill. The 200ft circle drew visitors from all over the globe and was widely admired for its wide outer ring with its woven floor lay and its delicate crescent moon surrounding the centre circle. 

The formation appeared shortly before our annual conference, and many of those attending the event had been to visit it.  Our own Jonathan DeVierville had walked the outer ring and had counted the weaves of the crop, there were 153. 

Visiting Austrian researcher and mathematician Guenther Schermann shared this fact with the conference during his lecture, which then set off a chain off strange events and synchronicities for fellow lecturer and megalithic researcher Robin Heath…

Read the Blog by veteran Megalithic researcher Robin Heath HERE

Listen to The Temporary Temples Podcast HERE








This crop circle has now been harvested.
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