Chilcomb Down, nr Winchester, Hampshire

This very pretty formation was reported on the 21st of June and is located very close to the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. Chilcomb Down has been the site for many formations over the years, the last formation to appear there was in 2013 (see here for more information).  The crop circle measures approximately 170ft in diameter and  is in a field of very young, green wheat.

The design is a very pretty six-fold formation; a set of overlapping bubbles that create a flower, or doily-like mandala. There is a selection of standing segments inside the flattened centre and a very fine ring around the central design that contains the entire formation. It gives the impression of a collection of transparent bubbles, or perhaps cells. See the geometry gallery below for drawings of the formation.

Six is perhaps the most ubiquitous number used in crop circle geometry, its balance and harmony makes for some very beautiful designs, pleasing to the eye and senses. It heightens our propensity for symmetry and equilibrium (homeostais) and in that sense six-fold designs are perfect mandalas for our troubled times, they smooth the turbulence, re-balance the ‘out of sync’ and generally bring a sense of alignment, accord and peacefulness. They are like a sixth-sense of what we need!

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Geometry Gallery

As stated above this formation is six-fold in nature and gives the impression of a collection of transparent bubbles collected together. Six is the number of love and harmony and also of ‘best ‘economy’  – the bee creates hexagonal honey combs to hold the maximum amount of honey using the least amount of raw materials (in love and harmony with the natural environment!). It is the first of the so-called perfect numbers (numbers which are the sum of all their divisors), it is also the number of days it took to create the world…

Have a look at the gallery below for a series of pictures of my drawing in various stages of progress…

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This crop circle has been harvested

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